Welcome to Victory Biker Church

About VBCI

The Victory Biker Church International is a non-denominational Christian church designed by the Lord Jesus Christ—for bikers, by bikers, and anyone who can identify with jeans, tattoos, and leather. Whether you are a biker, all tattooed up, or just someone who wants to hear the Word of the Lord in a safe and fun environment, we are here for you. Everyone is welcome. Whatever your past or present situation, you will find people who are genuine and full of the Love of God for you. We meet in a laid-back biker oriented, yet family-friendly setting with awesome praise and worship, relevant preaching, and the manifest presence of God.

The Victory Biker Church is a Brotherhood of Bikers bound by our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. We have a passion to be a church home for bikers of all types, a passion for family, and the open road; Bikers reaching Bikers with the Love of God and True Victory in Jesus Christ.

We aim to work in unity with all Motorcycle Ministries – even to be their church home. Working and riding side-by-side as we take the Good News to the highways and byways as one body of Christ.

Core Principles

  • A deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Character development as we continually grow in Christ
  • Study of the Bible, our owner’s manual for life.
  • Strengthening the Family and our brother/sisterhood.
  • Provide an atmosphere that affirms and supports the Biker way of life (motorcycles, leather, tattoos, etc).
  • Being real in Christ
  • Promoting an environment of freedom & liberty for all people.
  • Developing leadership for future Churches in the Biker world

Our Mission

To be a witness of Jesus Christ – God’s love in biker communities everywhere. To bring bikers to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and membership in HIS family, to develop them into Christ-like maturity, to strengthen the biker family and equip them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world, in order to bring honor and glory to God.

Our Vision

  • To Lead Bikers/Motorcyclists to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To Disciple the Believers
  • Freedom of Worship (To worship God in Spirit and Truth)
  • To Strengthen the Biker Family

Our Staff

Scott McKillican

Scooter is the Vice President and Assistant Pastor of Victory Biker Church International

Apostle Brian McKay

Apostle Brian “BMAN” McKay is the Senior Pastor, Founder, and International President of Victory Biker Church International – a…

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