The Victory Biker Church School of Ministry is here to help people with their spiritual growth. Whether, for basic discipleship classes, advanced biblical studies or studying for ministry calling within the church. The VBC School of Ministry is here to provide the Christian student (disciple) with the methods, classes, and tools for growing in their faith and relationship with God.

Victory Biker Church School of Ministry now uses the International School of Ministry (ISOM) Curriculum,

  1. ISOM has some of the most influential teachers in Christianity whose messages were recorded directly to the students
  2. ISOM was built around the concept of helping PASTORS to strengthen the discipleship and leadership development in their churches. It is a CHURCH-BASED curriculum designed to STRENGTHEN the local church
  3. ISOM is designed to both disciple people to maturity and to develop leadership qualities in the students. It is balanced and FULL-GOSPEL in its content.

ISOM Core consists of trimesters 1-5. Once a student completes the ISOM Core with eligible grades, they then have the opportunity to apply for an associates degree and/or receive their certificate/diploma.

We’re working on scheduling our first class soon. The cost will be $65 a month for 12 month plus $150 if students want their Associates Degree.